Daddy's Little Princess. Solo Exhibition, Marsden Gallery. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. 9 February - 24 March, 2013.

Sexualisation and objectification of young girls is a current social and political issue. This exhibition represents the way young girls in contemporary western cultures develop their identity based on popular culture and stereotyping which begins in childhood. Influenced through magazines, music videos, social media and the internet, these 'young consumers' are being seduced into stylising themselves on hyper-sexualised ideals.


        Borderline detail.  Disney wall border and collage. 2011 - 2013.  h: 13cm. length: variable - 12 metres.


         Pink room installation detail.  Mannequin, screenprint skirt, bookcase, commercial product assemblage and sensor/sound system, plus Borderline. 2013


         Borderline detail


        Pink room installation detail.


                                   Borderline detail


    I'm no princess. 2012 screenprint and collage.  90cm x 80cm. + I'm no princess series 2013. Six collage works, The Virgin, Best friends, 4-Letter word,

   Beauty awards,  Banned in Britain but not in Australia, Peeping Toms.


Stay between the lines. 2013 installation. children's tables and chairs, colouring competition pages, texta pens, pencils and crayons, blu tac.

 All images © Linda Wilken

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